Venture Heat Rechargeable Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap

Venture Heat Rechargeable Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap

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Keep sore joints, tendonitis, and aching muscles at bay with the Venture Heat Rechargeable Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap. Made of soft neoprene and fleece, this wrap uses the power of Far Infrared Heat Therapy to provide a soothing therapeutic heat right where you need it most. It features a safe, rechargeable heat source, LED status indicator, and personalized temperature controller. An auto-timer offers added safety and convenience. Perfect for a variety of symptoms and conditions, it offers a warm relief that helps healing, increases blood flow, and relieves muscle spasms and tension. Safe, infrared heat. Automatic 30-minute safety timer. Personalized temperature controller. Rechargeable lithium-ion power supply. LED status indicator. Ideal for a variety of symptoms. Fleece and neoprene material. One size fits most.

  • Safe, infrared heat
  • Automatic 30-minute safety timer
  • Personalized temperature controller
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power supply
  • LED status indicator

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