Venture Heat At-Home Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap


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Relieve sore joints or sooth tendinitis with the Venture Heat At-Home Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap. Made of soft neoprene and fleece, this wrap uses the power of Far Infrared Heat Therapy to provide a soothing therapeutic heat right where you need it most. It features a plug-in heat source, LED status indicator, and personalized temperature controller with four heat settings. An auto-timer offers added safety and convenience.

Perfect for a variety of symptoms and conditions, it offers a warm relief that helps healing, increases blood flow, and relieves muscle spasms, tendonitis, and cramping. Safe, infrared heat. Automatic 30-minute safety timer. Personalized temperature controller. Plugs into any outlet. LED status indicator with 4 heat settings. Ideal for a variety of symptoms. Fleece and neoprene material. One size fits most. Features:

  • Safe, infrared heat
  • Automatic 30-minute safety timer
  • Personalized temperature controller
  • Plugs into any outlet
  • LED status indicator with 4 heat settings

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