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Ubertherm Elbow Pain Relief Wrap: 2-in-1 Cold Compression Ice Pack and Brace

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The Ubertherm Elbow Pain Relief Wrap is a premium cold compression brace. Say goodbye to too cold then too warm! Invented by a medical doctor, Ubertherm’s unique soothing Ice Pillow technology provides the perfect combination of gradual onset, no-sting, long-lasting, deep cold compression together with a premium quality supportive brace. Cold compression is the gold standard for reducing pain and swelling after exercise and physical therapy, and to soothe achy joints from overuse injury and inflammation. No more ice burns or rapidly warming ice packs; Ubertherm’s Ice Pillow technology lasts for up to 60 minutes.

Perfect for:
● After exercise, sports, and physical therapy
● Post-surgical healing after arthroscopic and reconstructive procedures
● Reducing chronic pain and inflammation from tennis and golfer elbow, and arthritis
● Pain management after orthopedic surgery

Ubertherm Elbow Pain Relief Cold Wrap

Ubertherm Elbow Pain Relief Wrap – Additional Information

The Uberthem elbow cold compression wrap is made out of latex-free highest quality neoprene. The Velcro pads are recessed for comfort. The wrap is very sturdy and yet easily moldable to any body size and shape, and often worn as a stand-alone elbow or arm brace. Inside the wrap is a super soft multi-layer Soothing Ice Pillow that regulates the rate of cooling to prevent ice burn. The soft cooling gel pack insert is a special non-toxic formula that stays cold far longer than regular ice packs and is flexible even right out of the freezer. Who should use this product? Anyone experiencing joint or limb aches and pains after exercise or due to inflammatory medical conditions. Doctors and physical therapists recommend cold compression therapy for post-surgical relief and physical therapy. The übertherm cold compression wrap is the most comfortable, most effective and easiest to use technology on the market today.

Package includes:
● One premium quality compression wrap for elbow / arm
● One long-lasting, reusable, non-toxic soft ice gel pack
● Instructions for safe use
✔ COLD THERAPY RE-INVENTED: New thermal regulated Ice Pillow snuggles you in soft, gradual cold without the sting; soothes strained muscles and calms painful joints.
✔ MULTI PURPOSE: Perfect icing for athletes and soothing pain relief for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and orthopedic pain. Gentle to skin and hurting joints, yet deep, effective cooling.
✔ FOR MEN AND WOMEN: One size fits all. 100% loop coverage and large recessed Velcro pads for unlimited sizing and compression. Adjustable compression for regulating cold intensity.
✔ EXCEPTIONAL WORKMANSHIP: Made with pride of the finest materials; designed to last for years and unlimited freeze cycles. Plush, thick, SCUBA-grade premium bracing.
✔ LONG-LASTING: Unique formulation is semi-flexible right out of the freezer; can be massaged to fit your unique body shape. Over 500g of non-toxic gel for up to 1 hour of cold.
Ubertherm Elbow Pain Relief Cold Wrap


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