Thermopeutic Premium Reusable Ice or Microwavable Heat Pad for Injuries and Pain Relief

Thermopeutic Reusable Ice Pack for Injuries and Pain Relief (15" X 7") - Extra Cold Long Lasting Gel Formula - for Shoulder, Back, Knee, Arm, Foot and More Price: $24.95 (as of 19/08/2019 14:28 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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*** Thermopeutic Premium Hot and Cold Pack W/ Neoprene Strap ***

Recommended by orthopedics, this multi-purpose gel pack can be use for hot and cold therapy.

Icing application is recommended to use within the first 48 hrs of an acute injury. Commonly used for ankle sprains and muscle spasm.

Hot application is commonly used to help relax and loosen tissues and to stimulate blood flow to the area. Effective for: General muscle aches and pains comfort, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, athletic sport sprains / strains, sleep, shoulder and neck pain, Lumbar strain, Coccydynia, abdominal cramps, spasms, throbbing, stiffness, Osteomyelitis, herniated / slipped disk, Spinal Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, pinched nerve, surgery, bruises, sprains, strains, knotted muscles, inflammation and tightness.

Cold application – Our packs are designed to stay cold nearly TWICE as long as our leading competitors. It will become thicker in consistency when frozen. Because it stays cold longer (up to 45 minutes), you may experience extra sweat and condensation from the pack.

Always apply the cold pack with a wrapped towel when use directly on bare skin. This will prevent frostbite and will also minimize sweat from extended use.

Limit each application to 20 minutes and reapply after an hour if necessary. Use as directed and please consult your physician if you experience any kind of discomfort from application.

Hot Application Our packs are great to serve as heat packs. The best method of heating is from hot water. This will ensure the temperature is evenly distributed. You may also use microwave. We do recommend microwave from room temperature for a much easier time to evenly heat the pack.

Please follow the directions and heating time labeled on the pack. Each microwave is different and it is best to log the ideal time for future heating.

STAYS COLDER LONGER – Our long lasting cold formula will keep your pack cold longer than any of our competitors. (Note: Always use with a wrapped towel when applied directly on bare skin. It will also minimize all condensation and sweat caused by contact with air.)

MAGIC STRAP – Tired of worn out straps that doesn’t secure tightly? Our premium hot & cold gel pack comes with a high quality neoprene strap for maximum durability. Its extra large sizing (15″ x 7″) will provide maximum coverage for your hot and cold therapy.

QUALITY BUILD – Made with quality leak-proof plastic and non-toxic gel. Our premium neoprene strap will also give you maximum compression on your treatment area.

MULTI PURPOSE – This hot and cold pack is extremely versatile. It is perfect for all body parts: head, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, joints, chest, stomach, back, waist, hip, thigh, leg, foot, knee, ankle rotator cuff, neck, and more.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – We stand behind the quality of our product. We offer lifetime warranty on all of our Thermopeutic products. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied you are 100% covered. (lifetime warranty card is included in your product package) So buy with confidence.


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