SnowGe Cold Hot Ice Gel Pack for Injuries

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You are going to love our SnowGe Brand Hot Cold Ice Gel Pack, made of Comfortable DURABLE NYLON FABRIC and Flexible Gel after freezing under 0℉(-17℃), more gel filled, keep long time cold!

Your purchase contains:
2 nylon fabric gel pack,1 blue,1 orange,size:5″ x 9″,weight approximately 0.68 lbs x 2.
2 polyester cloth pouches (to hold the gel pack) protect the skin from too cold or hot,size:5.3″x9.25″.

Easy and quick use for cold and hot applications.Relieves pain and tensed muscles.


Cold Therapy:
put the gel pack into freezer for 2 hours or above. Apply on the area to be treated with the cloth wrap.

Hot Therapy:
Boiling water:
Boil water and take the pan from the heating plate.Put the pack into the hot water during 8 to 10 minutes.DO NOT WARM THE PACK DIRECTLY IN BOILING WATER WITH PAN ON THE FIRE.Take pack out of hot water and check temperature before use. if pack is too hot let cool down for some minutes before placing into clean cloth wrap and onto the skin.

Place the pack into microwave directly ,first time for 45 seconds for middle power ,check if pack is hot enough.If necessary heat up each time for 10 seconds at a time.

Use cold to treat:
Insect bites
Sport injuries

Use hot to treat:
Aching muscles
Stomach ache
Knee,Foot,Arm,Elbow,back,Ankle,neck etc body pain

Thanks very much for choosing us ,your any improvement ideas for the products, let us know. We will always keep this as the next improvement point for mass production.Your Satisfaction, Our Pursuit. Natural alternative for effective pain relief for any body part. Superior retention for hot or cold as for ice pack or hot pack.

Microwavable/freezer safe,FDA and CE Approved.Comfortable DURABLE NYLON FABRIC Flexible Medical grade gel pack.Keep flexible after freezing under 0℉(-17℃).Colour box packing. Easily conforms to contours of the body by the cloth pouch. Multipurpose for knee,foot, head, arm, elbow, wrist,etc. 2 PACKS(weight each approximately 0.68 lbs x 2)+ 2 POUCHS.Buy 2+ to get more DISCOUNT on PROMOTIONS.

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