Small Round Hot Cold Packs

Small Round Hot Cold Packs

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Forget the bag of frozen peas. Use Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs instead! Soothe shoulder pain, bruised and scraped knees, tired eyes, a persistent sinus headache, a swelling wrist or ankle, tender cheeks after wisdom teeth surgery and so much more. Keep a few of these formfitting gel pads in the freezer for grab­and­go convenience when you need an ice pack.

Whether you need a hand warmer for your pocket on a cold winter day or a bit of warm compression for an overworked, sore muscle, Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs provide fast, convenient warmth after a short zap in the microwave. With a soft cloth backing, you won’t need a towel to dampen the heat. Talk about comfort and convenience.

Stuff an ice cold gel pack in your lunch box to keep your food fresh and cool all day. Fire & Ice Hot and Cold Packs make great freezer packs for lunch bags and boxes as well as coolers when you’re headed out on a trip to the beach or a weekend in the woods. Through several frozen packs in the cooler, and away you go! No more messy ice cubes.

Each pack is filled with our magic gel solution which can easily freeze or quickly heat up for all your at home food and nursing needs, whether it’s a chicken salad sandwich in your lunchbox or a kid with a black eye and a hurt knee, Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs have got you covered.

Fire & Ice packs have a non­woven, softtouch cloth backing made from PVC that eliminates the need for using a towel when the pack gets too hot or is too cold for direct skin contact. No need for awkward adjustments and additional supplies, just grab a cold pack and get the relief you need.

Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs
Set of 10
Freezer and Microwave Safe
Soft Cloth Backing


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