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We provide all the tools you need to find relief from shoulder pain in our cold therapy shoulder kit. Inside each kit you will find a wrap designed to comfortably conform to the shoulder, 2 ice gel packs, and an air compression pump. Not only will you experience relief when using our kit, but the inclusion of a 2nd ice pack means that wait times between treatments, and recovery after surgery, are significantly reduced.

Shoulder Ice Gel Pack with Compression – Main Features

Designed for Shoulders
The cold therapy kit fits closely around the shoulders to ensure the treatment is tightly focused in the area where it can do the most good. When used in combination with the air pump you will get relief from many shoulder related issues and injuries such as rotator cuff injury, dislocated shoulder, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, tendon ruptures, and many more.
Relief from Shoulder Pain
Love tennis or golf, or have a job which requires repetitive shoulder movements? After a vigorous few rounds, or a hard day at work, you can use our cold therapy kit to reduce recovery times and provide some welcome relief.
Proven to Reduce Swelling and Inflammation
The included air pump makes it even more efficient with the added compression that it provides since the combination of cold/compression together has been proven to be more efficient than using cold packs alone.
You will no longer have to spend time on the couch because you are using your other hand to keep an ice pack in place. Our snug fitting shoulder therapy kit allows you to still move around and get everything done, while you are treating your shoulder.


Bonus Ice Pack Provided

All our kits come with an extra ice gel pack. The ice-gel packs are great for improving recovery times post-surgery since they can help with reducing the swelling. Plus, if your doctor recommends it, the extra ice pack can also be used to increase treatment times. They are leak proof, non-toxic, and re-usable. (Note: Only for cold therapy. Do not microwave.)
Cold therapy is a proven treatment for shoulder pain relief, but when its used with our gel packs and compression wrap you achieve better penetration with a treatment that is tightly focused on the problem area. The cold lasts longer and extends the treatment time for longer lasting relief. Also, the compression tube is removable so you can continue to receive treatment while remaining completely mobile.
Important Notes:
1. The wrap is not a machine and is manually inflated using a pump and air tube, and manually deflated.
2. Always consult with your doctor before using treatments of any kind. Also, if you are going to use it for shoulder surgery recovery, just make sure you check with your doctor ahead of buying it as one may be supplied to you after your surgery.
3. Always place a piece of fabric between your skin and the gel pack.
4. Do not use this kit if you suffer from circulation problems.


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