Sable Back Massager, Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat Function for Home, Office and Car, Electric Lumbar Support to Relief Back, Neck and Leg Pain, Quick Heat within 5 Minutes

Sable Portable Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Electric Massaging Cushion Easy One-Button Control Neck Massager for Home, Office, Car Use

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Ease Away Tension in Your Back

Unlike those conventional 2D massage rollers, our back massager features eight advanced 3D rotating nodes that dig deep into your muscles while targeting vital pressure points for a deep massage experience. Even better, the massage nodes alternate direction after each minute, thus further enhancing massage of muscles for greater relief.

Selectable Heat for Further Relaxation

Combine the pleasure of a therapeutic massage with gentle heat for the full benefit of a professional massage. The heat function adds soothing warmth to your massage, relieving aching back muscles and easing away built-up tension.

Easy One-Button Control

Push the button once to turn on the massage and heat therapy functions. Simply push a second time to turn off the heat. When you’re done massaging, just hold down the button for 3 seconds until the device shuts off.

Ergonomic Support

Ergonomically-designed to fit your back snuggly in the contoured surface so the heavenly massage can reach all your tense spots. With a convenient handle and AC adaptors for your home, office, and car, you can get a professional back massage anytime, in any chair – no appointment necessary!

Worry-Free Massage

Completely indulge in your deep relaxation with this FDA-approved massager. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during your massage. In addition to overheat protection, the device automatically shuts off after 20 minutes to ensure safety.


1. The DC car adapter can only use under 12 Voltage.
2. For your safety, please don’t use it when you are driving

Ease Away Tension in Your Back: 8 advanced 3D massage nodes help soothe your sore muscles and relieve tightness. Selectable Heat for Further Relaxation: Melt away your stress with an optional heat therapy function.
Easy One-Button Control: Customize your massage to your liking at the touch of a button
Ergonomic Support: Ergonomically designed to fit your back snuggly so you can enjoy a full body massage either at home, office, or in your car (12V)
Worry-Free Massage: Equipped with overheat protection device and programmed with 20-minute auto shut-off to ensure safety


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