Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy - Reusable Gel Pack for Injuries | Best as Heat Wrap or Cold Pack for Back, Waist, Shoulder, Neck, Ankle, Calves and Hip (Large pack: 14" X 6")

Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy

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A must have for Pain Relief and Injury Treatment/Rehabiliatation

Don’t settle for smaller ice packs that doesn’t hold in coldness or heat

Discover Ultra Brisk Therapy Wrap for Your Pain Problems Heat compress encourages blood flow and circulation, helping deliver an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients and remove waste  from sore, fatigued and injured muscles:

1. Muscle pain and spasms

2. Mild arthritis

3. Sprains, strains and stiffness

4. Menstrual cramps etc.

Cold compress reduces inflammation around the area of injury, helping numb the area of pain, creating an analgesic effect, perfect for:

1. Sports injuries

2. Toothaches

3. Back ache or joint pain

4. Fever or headaches

5. Minor burns etc.  Start recovering Faster with your new Hot Cold Therpy Gel Pack!

PLEASE STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE BUYING ONLINE OR FROM A STORE..Most sellers don’t want you knowing that the quality and gel composition of materials are the secret to gel pack that actually make them work. Be careful, cheap gel pack made from imitation materials will lose coldness fast, burst in microwave, and won’t last. Don’t compare by price alone!

–>Simply Click “Add to Cart” to claim the best value gel pack on Amazon..and address your  discomfort the smart way..100% risk free!

REMAINS COLDER FOR LONGER – Specially Formulated Gel to stay colder to alleviate your pains.

STRONGER QUALITY TO HANDLE MICROWAVING – Get your gel packs heated up in the microve fast by heating 10 seconds at a time. Microwave heating level varies.

ADJUSTABLE STRPS FOR TARGETED PAIN RELIEF – Perfect use for your knees, elbows, back, joints, migraine, sports injuries and has a soft touch for wisdom teeth pain.

REMAINS FLEXIBLE – Our special gel is guaranteed not to freeze solid and will remain super cold for your enjoyment
LARGER DESIGN AND LONGER STRAP – Now you can strap in on your shoulders and back to give you that hot/cold comfort.

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