Nature Creation Ultimate Hot and Cold Therapy Set

Nature Creation Ultimate Set- Herbal Heat Pack/Cold Pack - Hot and Cold Therapy Price: $139.96 (as of 02:43 EST- More info)


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Nature Creation’s Ultimate Set is our top of the line set. In this set you will experience the Upper Body Wrap, Spine & Back Pack, Lavender Eye Mask, and a Sinus Relief Mint Pillow – providing you with the Ultimate Aromatherapy Heating Pad Set. The Upper Body Wrap (U.S. patent #No. 7,125,417) is specially designed by a Chiropractor to target relieving of sore muscles and joint pain, as well as stress and tension in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest areas. It has a small Velcro patch in the front to secure the pack to your upper torso so that you can use it hands free and remain active.. The Spine & Back Pack consists of five channels which evenly spread the heat around, and two Velcro straps, allowing you to strap the product to your Spine, across your Lower/Mid Back, Stomach, or other body parts very comfortably, so your hands are free and you’re able to move freely.
It’s also very popular as a menstrual cramp reliever for women, or can also be wrapped around the knees and thighs. The Lavender Eye Cover targets minor headaches and migraines, Insomnia relief, reduces and relieves puffy eyes and black circles underneath the eyes. The Lavender aroma is known to help relieve stress and tension and promote overall relaxation and deep sleep. Lastly, the Mint Sinus Relief Pack is a great natural way to deal with sinus problems, allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, cold symptoms, simply to refresh yourself, and more. Simply Heat In the microwave for Heat Therapy or chill in the freezer for Cold Therapy. Heat Therapy can be applied to chronic injuries or aches as it increases blood circulation and accelerates the relief of sore and tense muscles to enable the body to move more at ease.
Cold Therapy provides a chilling refreshment for the body and skin to relieve burns and irritations as well as inflammation of joints or bruised areas, and reducing fever and body heat. The great this is that these products can be used over and over again!

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