MOQY® Moor Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders - Made in Germany - Cordless Hot Cold Pad - Microwavable & Freezable - Tension & Pain Relief - Weighted & Portable - Moist Heat

MOQY® Moor Best Microwavable Heat Pad for Neck & Shoulders Tension Relief

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MOQY Moor Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Heat Pad for:
Muscular Tension / Back Pain / Lumbago / Cramps

Cold Pad for:
Rheumatic Complaints / Inflammations / Insect Bites / Bruises

What is moor?
Through a year long process leafs and roots evolve into moor under the exclusion of air.
For hundreds of years moor has been used for a natural pain-relief in Germany.

Compared to many other heating pad-substances, moor offers some SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGES:

  • The high heat capacity of moor and the low thermal conductivity of the organic ground substance
    ensure an even and gentle heat transfer onto the body.
  • Moor and the human body have approximately the same heating penetration capability.
  • The similar values cause a higher temperature tolerance towards the
    moor compared to heated water or thermo-gels.
  • Thus the moor heating pad can be applied with higher temperatures than electric heating pads and is still sensed as pleasant.
  • Higher temperature means deeper penetration into the body tissue. As infected tissues are often located deeper
    underneath the surface, the heat can aid the circulation and thus support the healing process effectively.
  • The use of a MOQY Moor Heating Pad is easier and less dangerous than it is with classic hot-water bottles,
    gel heating pads or other thermo cushions like heat pillows made from rice and grain.

Washable Cover:
100% gentle cotton
✅ 1-YEAR FREE EXCHANGE GUARANTEE: Should your MOQY Moor Heating Pad stop working, simply send us a picture and you will get a free exchange immediately!
✅ PORTABLE HEALING: Put your MOQY neck and shoulder wrap in the microwave and embrace the freedom an electric heating pad could never give you. Feel the cordless tension relief wherever you go.
✅ HOT AND COLD THERAPY: Enjoy moist heat therapy for back pain, neck pain, sore or tense muscles, lumbago, rheumatic complaints, by putting your heat pad for neck and shoulders in the microwave. Use it as a cold pad to reduce swelling with or soothe inflammations, circulatory complaints, insect bites and bruises.
✅ ORGANIC AND MICROWAVABLE: 100% natural. Due to its special inertia, moor has an extraordinary storage capability which is responsible for a 2x longer heat and cold storage than with gel pads, rice heating pads, hot water bottles or grain pillows. Put your MOQY neck wrap in the microwave and effectively soothe neck tension.
✅ EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF: Filled with a special moor-mud, our heat pack for neck and shoulders enables a deeper and more gentle healing than with any other heating wrap or hot pad.


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