Moji Heated Foam Roller – Recovery Product of The Year – 30+ Minutes of Heat Therapy – Targeted Muscle Relief – Please Note, Moji Roller is a Firm Roller – Microwavable

Moji Heated Foam Roller – Recovery Product of The Year – 30+ Minutes of Heat Therapy – Targeted Muscle Relief Price: $69.99 (as of 03:08 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.


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The Moji Heated Foam Roller is a game-changing dual-therapy foam roller combining the benefits of a traditional foam roller with the comfort and relaxation of therapeutic heat. The Moji Heated Roller is the hottest roller on the market! This roller features a 2-piece design that fits easily into most microwaves. There’s no fussing with long heating times, hot water, or messy cords with the Moji Heated Roller. Simply microwave it for about 3 minutes, then apply firm pressure to the affected muscles. Direct heat massage is great for your back, glutes, hamstrings, hips, quads, IT bands, and calves. Pressure can be applied to one muscle at a time or to large muscle groups after a run, game, or training. The combination of heat and massage is perfect for dancers, runners, crossfitters, golfers, tennis players, weight lifters, football players, yogis, Pilates practitioners, and other athletes who need intense but gentle muscle recovery. Not just for athletes, the Moji Heated Roller is ideal for anyone who experiences frequent muscle tension or soreness.

The MojiHeat Roller features a textured, cushioned exterior for maximum rolling comfort. Use it like a traditional foam roller, but with the added benefits of heat. Simply place it on the floor or another hard surface and apply pressure to the desired muscle. Roll the roller back and forth to experience relief. The patents pending microwavable core of the Moji Heated Roller provides up to 30 minutes of deep penetrating heat therapy at a time. If desired use is for half the roller, heat half the time.

Heat therapy is safe and gentle and is a doctor-recommended solution for muscle pain, stiffness, soreness, and even muscle spasms. Heat penetrates deeply into muscles, causing them to relax and release tension. Heat encourages blood flow near the application site and improves circulation to the affected areas, yielding results long after the roller therapy is over.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE HEAT MAKES – The patented Moji Heated Foam Roller offers game-changing recovery therapy and the ultimate muscle pain relief solution. Our microwavable design combines reusable heat with focused massage, allowing you to work the tension out of large muscles. In order to maximize the benefits of heat, the Roller in designed to be on the stiffer side.
TARGETED PAIN RELIEF – Focus on large muscle groups in the legs, back, or neck for specialized deep-penetrating heat therapy and massage. Our two-piece design comes apart and is inserted into the microwave for quick heating right when you need it. Easy to store and transport. Please note, there is an initial break in period for separating the Roller. If it seems too tight after a few turns it will loosen.
RELAXES MUSCLES – Our revolutionary heated foam roller massages muscles throughout the body and uses deep heat therapy to release myofascial trigger points and assist muscle recovery. Relax muscles by applying steady, even pressure with the warmed Moji Heated Foam Roller.
RELIEVES SORENESS – When daily pain and stiffness strike and you want to keep moving, the Moji Heated Roller allows for quick recovery providing you with relief.
ENHANCED RECOVERY – The Moji Heated Foam Roller is perfect for those who run, dance, do crossfit or yoga, golf, play tennis, and more. The textured, external padding provides maximum comfort when rolling to offer the perfect combo of heat and massage for strained muscles.


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