Lower Back & Hip Cold Compression Wrap Belt With Ball Pump - 2 Hour Cooling Retention - Best Ice Wrap to Relieve Pain , Bruised Ribs , Herniated Disc Sciatica & More.

Lower Back & Hip Cold Compression Wrap Belt With Ball Pump

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Top of the Line

Not all cold therapy packs are created equal. We’ve taken a premium approach when designing The Pain Soother to create a product that actually does what it claims. Thanks to superior quality heat resistant material, our cold pack stays perfectly cool for up to 2 hours after being placed in the freezer for 60-90 minutes. So you’ll enjoy hours of soothing relief to effectively manage back, rib, and hip pain. Don’t settle for ice pack wraps that quickly warm up in 30 minutes; invest in one you’ll never have to replace again.

Enjoy Quicker Relief

Not only does The Pain Soother exemplify cold therapy, but it’s also the only cold wrap for the lower back and hips that comes with a compression pump. With a simple squeeze of the ball pump, you can inflate the cooling wrap to apply targeted pressure and promote quicker recovery and relief. We’ve complemented this cooling and compression combination with a carefully shaped design that offer great coverage to the affected area. If effective relief is what you’re after, this professional cold pack is guaranteed to deliver.

Here are some of the benefits of The Pain Soother:

– Relieves swelling, back pain, muscle soreness, or bruised ribs.

– Gel remains flexible even when cold to allow for easy contouring.

– Removable air pump allows for comfortable movement.

– Leak-resistant material gives the wrap years of durability.

– One-size-fits-all design comfortably fits most body sizes.

Keep pain in check with our top-of-the-line cold compression wrap and experience the last
gel pack you’ll ever need to buy.

– UNMATCHED COLD RETENTION: Unlike other cold compress ice packs that barely manage to stay cold for 30 minutes, ours remains nice and cool for up to 2 hours or more thanks to the high quality temperature resistant material. Enjoy hours of soothing relief to manage aches and pains.

– EXPERIENCE QUICKER RELIEF: This is the only ice pack for back, hip, and rib pain that comes with a compression pump. Simply squeeze the removable ball pump to inflate the cold therapy wrap and give you a combination of compression and cold therapy for faster relief.

– DESIGNED FOR GREAT COVERAGE: Carefully crafted for targeted compression to the entire affected area, this is the best gel cold pack for swelling and back pain management. Enjoy effective relief from sciatica, herniated disk pain, bruised ribs, muscle soreness after exercise, pinched nerves, and so much more.

– STAYS IN PLACE: Fitted with high quality Velcro, this cold compression wrap allows you to comfortably move around as it treats you to noticeable pain relief. The one-size-fits-all design of the portable cold therapy wrap accommodates most body sizes, with the flexible gel perfectly contouring to the affected area even when cold.

– ENJOY SUPERIOR DURABILITY: The Pain Soother is all about providing a premium solution to reducing swelling and managing back pain. Made with the highest quality materials, these refreezable ice packs greatly reduce the risk of gel leakage and can be used countless times without a drop in performance.


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