Knee Heating Pad Thermal Heat Therapy Wrap Hot Compress for Cramps Arthritis Pain Relief Injury Recovery 1 Button Control 3 Heat-settings with 6.6ft Power Cord, Washable, Fits Women Men

Heating Knee Brace Support for Pain Relief, Knee Support Wrap, 1PC Heat Therapy Knee Sleeve with 3 Heat Settings for Joint Pain, Arthritis, Knee Injury Price: $39.99 (as of 18/08/2019 14:25 PST- Details)

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The Yosoo Health Gear Electric Knee Heating Pad is made of high quality material, small voltage control design, and very safe for use. It’s specially designed for knee, but can be used on calf, thigh, arm as well.

Functions of the knee heating pad:
• Relieve knee pains associated with arthritis, bursitis, strains, sprains, ACL PCL MCL meniscus tear
• Aid in knee injury or surgery recovery
• Knee warm keeping
• Leg or arm muscle fatigue soreness, cramps relief

Important directions for use:
1.There is no built-in batteries, it would only work when connecting to power source.
2. When connecting it to power, the LED button will flash. Then you need to long press the button for 2 secs until it turn flickering red to turn it on.
3.It starts at preheating, 5 mins later it can reach to a top temp and automatically change to medium heat setting (LED white).
4.The heat setting is manually controlled, short press the button to change it at any time. Red indicator is the highest temp setting, white is medium and blue is the lowest.
5. Please wear the heat pad over a close-fitting shirt or pant. Skin redness is a normal phenomenon after hot therapy.
6.We suggest use the heating pad for hot therapy for 1-3 hours a day.
7.Please note it’s normal for the AC adapter to get hot during the process.
8.Long press the button for 2 secs to turn it off.

Hot Therapy is Forbidden for:
1. When skin has cut, canker, wound, soft tissue injuries.
2. Knee gets injured such as sprains or strains within 24 hours.
3. Someone has infection, visceral hemorrhage or acute abdomen, eczema and allergic dermatitis.
4. Pregnant woman, little baby and those who are unable to express his own will.
5.Those with pacemakers.

Washing Method
Wash it gently by hand in water. Fast-heating electric knee pad: heats in seconds, provides ultra comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, keeps knee warm, can also be used on calfs, thighs, arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. Supper comfortable for use.

1 button control and 3 heat-settings: very easy to operate, you can control the heating temp and time totally by yourself. The power button with LED indicator, it can be operated to red-highest, white-medium, blue-lowest temp setting. Short press the button for once can change to another heat setting. Adjustable and stay in place: two bifurcate straps design, hook and loop closure, the heating pad can wrap around and be locked at any leg or arm positions where you need heat compress, you needn’t hold it by hand any more. With a built-in mash bag, put a ice bag in, you can use it for cold therapy if need be.

Comes with 1 USB cord and 1 AC adapter: the USB cord is for portable use, it can be pluged in any power supplies with usb port, such as power bank, PC, laptop, desktop computer, car charger, and the heating temp can be various for these power sources with different output currents. The AC adapter with a fixed output 7.9V/1.1A is for quick heating and higher heating temp use. Travel size and long power cord: this knee electrical heating pad is portable, easy to put it in your suitcase or handbag.The power cord is about 6.6 feet (2 meters) long enough to allow you move freely when connect it to a socket. Fits a leg or arm circumference less than 21inch. Buy 2 if you need 1 pair


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