IceSleeve BLACK Quad Hamstring Compression Wrap - Hot or Cold Therapy

IceSleeve BLACK Quad Hamstring Compression Wrap - Hot or Cold Therapy

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This is the original IceSleeve, specifically designed the help you recover faster from surgery, injury and sore muscles. The unique pocket design accepts hot and cold packs for thermotherapy or cryotherapy. Velcro style fasteners allow fast and easy application while providing a tight, comfortable fit. Use it with ice for cold therapy or hot packs for heat therapy. The included gel pack can be used cold or hot. IceSleeves wrap around tight to provide compression which increases the therapeutic effect.

The custom, form-fitting shape stays in place while walking; allowing you to be mobile which enhances recovery and minimizes the hassle of icing. The product is made of high-quality, double-lined neoprene with hook and look fasteners to fit most legs and has a pocket that accepts the specially-designed gel pack or the included leak proof ice bags. Use on the upper leg, this IceSleeve can be oriented to the front or back of the leg. Perfect for treating pulled hamstrings and quad muscles, it has a pocket that can accept an ice bag or the specially-designed gel pack (see the Related Products tab for extras).

  • Fits thighs up to 24″
  • STAYS in place while mobile with CUSTOM form-fitting shape
  • EASY to put on and works with ICE or freezer GEL PACK to alleviate pain and reduce swelling
  • Comes with 1 hot/cold GEL PACK and 3 leak-proof, reusable ICE BAGS for immediate relief
  • Treats PULLED HAMSTRINGS and QUADS caused by running, rigorous exercise, surgery and overuse
  • Provides COMPRESSION to improve circulation and enhance heat/cold therapy


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