ICE20 Ice Compression Wrap for Neck and Upper Back

ICE20 Ice Compression Wrap for Neck and Upper Back Price: $75.16 (as of 02:55 EST- More info)

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ICE20 is made from the highest quality neoprene (latex-free) with adjustable straps giving you the most comfortable, form-fitting therapy. Each wrap comes with a refillable and removable no-leak ice bag with an easy-open cap. ICE20 stays in place and is designed for comfort and mobility, while staying colder longer than gel packs to provide the most effective therapy.
The ICE20 Neck/Traps Ice Therapy Wrap fits the neck, upper back, and shoulders. Package includes one ICE20 Compression Wrap for Upper Back and Neck, two 9″ refillable ICE20 Bag, and a durable mesh carrying bag.
BEST ICE COMPRESSION WRAP AROUND: The ICE20 Compression Wrap is designed to stay in place while still providing you with comfort and mobility. It’s made of the highest quality neoprene (latex free) with adjustable Velcro® straps giving you the most comfortable, form-fitting therapy. This allows you to get the ice compression therapy you need while performance your typical daily tasks.
REDUCE PAIN AND SWELLING: Ice compression therapy and elevation have been proven to be the best remedy for reducing pain and swelling of muscle strains and joint pains. That’s why ICE20 is a favorite among Olympic athletes. It’s used by notorious volleyball players and gymnasts. ICE20 is also a proud sponsor of the USA Woman’s National Softball Team.
BETTER THAN YOUR TRADITIONAL ICE PACKS: ICE20 stays colder longer than your typical gel packs, providing the most effective therapy. They’re also ergonomically designed for specific parts of the body, which is much easier than wrapping bags of ice or ice packs around your body. You’ll never return to any other method of ice compression after trying ICE20.
REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE: Bags or ice or one time ice packs are damaging to the environment. The ICE20 Ice Compression Wrap is 100% reusable. Once you use it, just empty the ice bag and refill to use again. The ice bag is leak free so you get the compression you need without the clammy, wet clothing. The easy open cap also makes it super convenient to reuse.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) ICE20 Neck/Traps Ice Compression Wrap with Two 9″ Refillable ICE20 Bags and Durable mesh carry bag. Fits: Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back. Product Box Size – 9″ x 6″ x 4″. Weight – 1.06 pounds.


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