Ice And Heat Wrist / Hand Therapy Wrap with 2 Gels

Ice And Heat Wrist / Hand Therapy Wrap with 2 Gels

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This carpal tunnel ice pack is designed to provide compression and make it easier to apply hot/cold therapy to the injured wrist. The ice pack for wrist pain can help with many conditions and injuries, such as wrist sprains, strains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, post-operative use, or as part of a rehab program. The hot and cold wrist wrap includes two 3 1/2″ x 11″ gel packs that can be heated or frozen. This wrist wrap holds these small gel packs in place with pockets inside the brace. These pockets also serve as a protective barrier when it comes to ice and heat therapy and preventing the skin from being frozen or burned. The gel packs are reusable and can either be heated or cooled depending on the pain. Heat therapy helps to relax the sore muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. Heat would be a good treatment for arthritis, carpal tunnel, or someone looking to soothe sore muscles after surgery. On the other hand, ice therapy slows the blood to an injury site. This reduced circulation reduces inflammation and discomfort in the wrist. Ice therapy will help with most with sprains and strains that are causing swelling in the wrist. This ice and heat wrist wrap is made of soft, breathable foam laminate that is lightweight and comfortable against the skin. The wrist brace wraps around the wrist and secures with simple contact closures, making it easy to apply and adjust as needed. This wrist splint is available in a universal size that fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches. It will also fit on either your left or right hand.

-Designed to provide compression that helps to relieve wrist pain
-Includes two reusable gel packs that can be heated or frozen and placed in the pockets inside the brace
-Made of soft, breathable foam laminate that is comfortable against the skin
-Indicated for post operative use, arthritis, wrist sprains, wrist strains, carpal tunnel
-Universal sizing fits up to 9″ wrist circumference


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