Ice And Heat Therapy Wrap for Leg, Thigh or Calf

Ice And Heat Therapy Wrap for Leg, Thigh or Calf

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This ice and heat therapy wrap is completely adjustable and works on many parts of the body. It includes an inner pocket that will hold one of the gel packs in place, simplifying what can be an annoying or unpleasant task. Along with the compression the wrap provides, it makes it a great product to deal with a number of different injuries. It is made of a stretchy elastic material that allows you to choose what body part you plan on icing or heating, such as your knee, leg, thigh, calf, arm, back, ankle, etc. The wrap will fit around any body part up to a 24-inch circumference. The latex-free elastic material is soft and breathable, making it very comfortable to wear. It can be easily be applied and adjusted with a Velcro contact closure. This cooling wrap includes two gel packs that are reusable. The brace only uses one pack at a time, so the second ice pack could be stored in the freezer as a backup.
To freeze the gel packs, simply put them in the freezer for two hours and allow them to thaw slightly before using. For heat therapy, one has two options. The patient can boil 2 quarts of water, remove the pot from the heat and immerse the gel pack in the hot water for 7 to 10 minutes. Or one can place the gel pack in a microwave-safe container, cover with water and heat for one minute. Please note that one should never place the gel packs directly against the skin. Also, after heating the gel pack, make sure to let it cool before placing it in the freezer. Ice and heat therapy and compression are go-to methods for treating a wide variety of injuries. Compression promotes blood flow, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Ice helps reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Heat therapy, on the other hand, dilates one’s blood vessels, improves circulation and minimizes muscle spasms. This wrap can help with conditions such as arthritis, strains, sprains, post-operative use, and part of rehab. Available in a universal size, fitting up to 24″ circumference.

-Provides concentrated cold or heat therapy and compression to the injured area such as your knee, leg, thigh, calf, shin, arm neck, back, etc
-Includes two reusable gel packs – inner pocket holds one gel pack in place
-Constructed of soft, breathable elastic material that is comfortable to wear
-Helps to treat arthritis, strains, sprains, post-op use, rehab, and more
-Measure the circumference around your leg, or wherever you plan to wear the wrap. Universal size: fits up to 24″ circumference


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