Hot and Cold Clay Pack with Neoprene Compress Therapy Wrap

Hot and Cold Clay Pack with Neoprene Compress Therapy Wrap

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LARGE SIZE FOR ANY BODY PART – 14″ X 8″ NATURAL CLAY PACK WITH 27″ X 9″ WRAP – Adjustable to fit around any joint or muscle. Ideal for first aid sports injuries, pain relief and chronic body aches.
REUSABLE NATURAL CLAY PACK STAYS WARMER & COLDER THAN GEL – Non-toxic natural flexible clay pack can be put in microwave or boiling water for hot therapy, keep frozen in freezer for instant cold therapy.
INSULATED NEOPRENE COMPRESS WRAP – Similar to wetsuit material, stretchable neoprene fabric specifically designed to retain temperatures longer. Clay pack slips into compress wrap for added heat/cold protection against skin. No need for additional towels!
NON-SLIP WRAP WITH CONVENIENT VELCRO EXTENDED STRAPS – Textured non-slip dots secure wrap in place. Extended 24″ straps expands wrap up to 50″ long to fit larger body parts like back, hips and abs.
FULL ACCESS TO FREE E-BOOK INSTRUCTIONS – Enhance your hot/cold therapy experience with detailed instructions and tips from our instant access eBook Guide.

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