Heat & Ice Therapy Low Back Muscle Pain Wrap


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The BraceAbility heat and ice muscle pain wrap is a unique back brace designed to treat and relieve pain for back injuries, back muscle pain, and more. When one is suffering from a back injury, back muscle strains, or back stiffness, ice and heat therapy is an extremely effective solution in reducing your pain, swelling, stiffness, and other related symptoms. This back brace includes two large 5 1/2″ x 11″ gel packs that can be frozen or heated up to apply your choice of cold or heat therapy to the lower back. The use of cold and heat therapy promotes healing, reduces inflammation and stiffness, eases pain, and reduces soreness of muscles. This back wrap holds the two gel packs for the back in place, requiring no holding of the gel packs that would otherwise interfere with everyday activity. Aside from heat and ice therapy, the back brace applies compression, which will also promote healing, reduce inflammation, and decrease back pain.
The ice pack for back pain can help with numerous conditions, including lower back muscle strain or sprain, arthritis, and muscle spasms of the low back. The back wrap can also be utilized as part of a rehabilitation program or simply for sore muscles. The compression back wrap is composed of soft, breathable foam laminate that is lightweight and soft against the skin. The brace for treating lower back pain with heat or ice wraps around the body and secures at the front via simple contact closures. The wrap includes pockets to accommodate the cold packs for back pain. One of the pockets is located on the upper half of the brace and the other pocket is below it on the bottom half of the brace.The heat and ice therapy wrap is available in one universal size fitting most waist circumferences up to 48″.
This back brace for lumbar muscle pain lets you use ice or heat therapy to treat and relieve pain for lower back muscle strain, ligament sprains, arthritis, muscle spasms, torn / pulled muscles, backaches, or sore low back muscles.
Includes and accommodates two 5 1/2″ x 11″ gel packs that can be frozen and used as ice packs, or put in the microwave to use as heat packs.
Elastic tension straps are adjustable so you can apply the right amount of compression to promote healing and reduce inflammation in your lower back muscles.
Made of soft, breathable foam laminate that is lightweight and soft against skin. Extremely comfortable, so you can wear this back therapy brace at night while sleeping, or during the day, under or over your clothes. Available in one universal size – Fits waist circumferences up to 48″.


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