Elbow Ice Wrap & Heat Pad Brace with 2 Cold / Hot Gel Packs

Elbow Ice Wrap & Heat Pad Brace with 2 Cold / Hot Gel Packs

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One of the best home remedies for tennis elbow and other sources of elbow pain is simply to apply ice and/or heat to the joint. This elbow wrap for tendonitis with two ice packs for hot or cold therapy simplifies the process. Utilizing an elbow ice wrap and/or an elbow heating pad is a common step for healing tennis elbow and many other injuries. Doing so can ease pain, swelling and stiffness, making it a great way to treat tennis elbow from home. This wrap for tennis elbow with ice/heat packs holds them to the sore area, allowing one to be more mobile while engaging in ice or heat therapy. The wrap also ensures that the ice pack for elbow pain relief does not slip out of position. Two elbow ice packs come with the elbow pain wrap, which means one does not have to wait for a gel pack to refreeze before using it again. This also enables one to easily shift between cold and heat therapy for tennis elbow treatment, if needed.
The wrap for tennis elbow also applies customized compression to the sore joint, which can help relieve pain and encourage healing. Straps both below and above the elbow joint make it easy to adjust this. The wrap itself is ergonomically designed and is constructed of a foam laminate that is breathable and soft. A pocket holds the heat/ice packs for the elbow in place. Contact closures make it quick and easy to secure the elbow ice sleeve. Each ice or heating pad for the elbow is 2 inches wide and 11 inches long, providing more than enough coverage in most instances. The open elbow area of the tennis elbow heat/ice wrap improves its flexibility. The elbow ice wrap is available in one universal size fitting most. Measure the circumference around your bicep, in inches. The elbow heating pad fits bicep circumferences up to 18 inches.

  • Ergonomic elbow wrap featuring a pocket that holds a gel pack for your choice or hot or cold therapy
  • Includes two reusable gel packs that can either be frozen or microwaved for user convenience
  • Applies customizable compression to decrease painful inflammation and encourage healing
  • Contact closures make the application and removal process quick and simple
  • Available in one universal size fitting most bicep circumferences up to 18 inches


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