DURHERM Heated Rechargeable Elastic Thigh Wrap Band

DURHERM Heated Rechargeable Elastic Thigh Wrap Band

$129.95 (as of February 19, 2018, 5:27 am)

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The DURHERM Heated Rechargeable Elastic Thigh Wrap Band Thigh Wrap helps to relieve pain caused by: Arthritis, Scar Softening, Tendinitis, Joint Pain Relief, Muscle Pain, Post-Operative Recovery, Muscle Strain, Spasms, and Cramps,  Muscle Tension, Herniated / Ruptured Disc Pinched Nerve, Other Soft Tissue Neck Injuries and Chronic Conditions.

FIR Heat Therapy: FIR Heat therapy is the most recommended non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical form of pain relief and rehabilitation by physical therapists and medical professionals alike.

  • DURHERM FIR Heat Therapy / Constant daily use will have greater effect /Solution for symptoms that cause thigh pain and discomfort
  • Just apply thigh wrap and let it start to heat / 3.5 – 8 hours of continuous use based on settings
  • The thigh wrap contains our latest advancement in therafusion infrared technology
  • These therapeutic wrap band penetrate 200-300 times deeper than conventional heating wraps
  • Fast charging period / LED status indicator / Protection design for over-charge and discharge


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