Cryo Pneumatic Shoulder Injury Ice Wrap

Cryo Pneumatic Shoulder Injury Ice Wrap with Cold Therapy Gels & Compression Pump - Great Frozen Shoulder Treatment (One Size) Price: $44.99 (as of 21:36 EST- More info)

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The Cryo Pneumatic Shoulder Injury Ice Wrap simplifies what would otherwise be an awkward task: icing while compressing the shoulder. This ice therapy shoulder wrap encircles the chest, arm and shoulder, holding the shoulder ice pack in place. These ice packs last for days and days, and they are quite large. Plus, the cuff comes with a compression pump for reducing swelling, which is another key element of shoulder injury treatment. The pump bulb, with its simple on and off switch, makes it easy to adjust the level of compression applied. And it can be detached once you’ve reached the perfect amount. In addition, the ice pack can be removed so you can apply compression without icing the shoulder. Using just the compression element of the cryo shoulder cuff also encourages swifter healing by stimulating blood flow to the shoulder. This brace can bring down swelling, relieve your pain, and reduce muscle spasms.
The wrap is also great for icing a sore arm from pitching or some other athletic activity. These qualities make the wrap perfect for treatment of rotator cuff injuries, post fracture care, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis, or AC) therapy, shoulder tendonitis treatment, recovery from surgery, treatment of osteoarthritis and for easing pain associated with many other injuries to this area of the body. The plush foam laminate of the ice vest is comfortable against the skin and the non-toxic gel packs are lined with tricot-a soft but durable material. When you purchase this ice sleeve for the shoulder, you get two ice packs that come with Velcro tabs to hold them in place within the wrap. The ice packs have an opening over the shoulder cap as does the cryo cuff itself. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you to move the arm when treating a shoulder injury or recovering from surgery.
This shoulder ice wrap makes it incredibly easy for you to ice & compress the shoulder at the same time. Helps relieve pain from a torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, shoulder tendonitis, pitching injuries, osteoarthritis, & surgery recovery. Features a cuff that holds 2 removable ice packs (included) so you can stay fairly mobile during cold therapy. You can easily pump up or diminish how much compression the wrap applies using the detachable bulb. The wrap is made of plush foam laminate with contact-closure straps. The 2 ice packs are filled with non-toxic gel – put them in the freezer for a few hours before use. Brace is lined with soft and durable tricot fabric. Measure the circumference around your chest at the bottom of the sternum. One size fits most, fitting a chest circumference up to 48″.


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