Corflex Cryotherm Hip Wrap

Corflex Cryotherm Hip Wrap - 4 Gels Price: $47.99 (as of 18/09/2019 08:15 PST- Details)

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Soft breathable foam laminate wrap incorporates two interior cloth pockets that hold the cryotherm reusable gel packs securely in place and offer a protective barrier between the skin and the gel pack. wide waist strap makes application easy and adjustable hip closures allow for a customized fit. wrap provides a broad coverage area (11: X 22″) and can be rotated for the use with anterior, lateral or posterior approaches or conditions. Universal sizing fits left or right to minimize inventory requirements. Universal size: fits up to 54″ waist circumference and 36″ thigh circumference.

-Contours to the hip and provides mild compression with the benefits of hot/cold therapy.
-Can be positioned to provide coverage to the anterior, lateral or posterior hip anatomy
-soft breathable foam laminate with contact closures
-Universal sizing fits left or right
-Wrap comes with 4 Gel Packs


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