Cold Therapy Wrap With Compression for Hips, Back and Ribs with Extra Ice Gel Pack - Essential Kit For Pain Relief and Post Surgery Recovery by SimplyJnJ
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Cold Therapy Wrap with Compression for Hips, Back and Ribs by SimplyJnJ


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This cold therapy wrap for hips, back and/or ribs was designed for improved recovery. This kit includes the wrap, which is designed to be used on the ribs, the back, or the hips, the air pump and two gel ice packs. You get two instead of one so that you can enjoy shorter intervals in between icing treatments. Not only will you get pain relief but you can cut down on your recovery time after injuries and/or surgery. Simply store the ice packs in the freezer (at least 2 hours before needed, or just leave them in the freezer when not in use). When you need some relief, just attach one ice pack to the wrap and then apply it to the affected area. With this wrap you get benefits such as:

  • Reduced muscle soreness and swelling.
  • Pain relief for back pain caused by arthritis, sciatica, herniated, slipped or bulging discs & more.
  • Pain relief for hip pain caused by an injury or damage to the soft tissues surrounding the hip, even pain caused by Osteoarthritis, bone fractures, bursitis & more.
  • Help with bruised ribs.
  • Improved recovery time after surgery.


Why You Need To Get This Wrap

The use of ice on injured areas has been shown to reduce pain by reducing inflammation and swelling. It slows down the rush of blood to the affected area while simultaneously numbing nerve endings to dull pain receptors. Compression has been shown to place pressure on any damaged tissue in order to prevent the build up of fluids that cause swelling.
Together these two will improve the reduction of pain and minimize swelling. Moreover, the design of this wrap will retain even coverage on the area and ensure coolness is retained longer than you would get with regular ice packs.
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Cold Therapy Wrap for Hips, Back & Ribs – Benefits & Features


  • REDUCE SWELLING – Our combination of cold therapy and compression is designed to significantly reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.
  • BACK PAIN RELIEF – The design of the compression and gel will relieve back pain caused by arthritis, sciatica, slipped discs, or bulging discs & more.
  • PAIN RELIEF FOR HIPS & RIBS – The combination of compression and ice therapy will relieve any hip pain caused by an injury or relieve the pain caused by damage to the soft tissues surrounding the hip. It also works on pain from Osteoarthritis, bone fractures, bursitis & more and helps with bruised ribs.
  • FASTER RECOVERY – The wrap will reduce inflammation and pain in the weeks following any type of surgery, improving the recovery time.
  • BONUS ICE PACK – The extra ice pack means you can switch one out for the other without having to wait for it to cool down again. It also means you can extend your treatment time if needed.


100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!
Important: Always place a towel or other fabric between the ice gel pack and your skin. Avoid using this wrap if you have existing circulation problems. Always consult with your doctor before use.
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1 review for Cold Therapy Wrap with Compression for Hips, Back and Ribs by SimplyJnJ

  1. Merribelle

    This really helped with my lower back pain. I’m on my feet all day so I use it a lot when I get home. Does a good job.

    • admin

      That’s great to hear Merribelle. We’re glad you were able to get some relief.

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