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Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack by SimplyJnJ

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The SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression helps to provide pneumatic compression and cold therapy to the injured knee, both of which are helpful when it comes to knee pain relief, whether its a result of an injury, surgery or other cause.

Cold Therapy Knee Wrap -- Main features/benefits


  • Provides compression, protection, and support to help with meniscus tears, ACL repair, patella realignment, after knee surgeries, or during rehabilitation
  • Includes two reusable gel packs that have a soft fabric lining
  • Features a detachable pneumatic pump for customized compression
  • Constructed of a plush foam laminate that is comfortable against the injured knee
  • Fits left or right knee up to 24”

Cold Therapy Wrap for Knee Pain and Surgery - Infographics

Cold Therapy Knee Wrap -- Indications

Meniscus tears, ACL repair, patella realignment, strains/sprains, post-knee surgery and recovery & more.

SimplyJnJ Knee Cold Wrap With Compression -- Product Demonstration


Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression by SimplyJnJ - Product Demonstration


Cold Therapy Knee Wrap -- Directions

Remove gel pack and place in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Once frozen, attach gel pack inside knee splint, making sure seams line up over knee cap opening. If one desires, apply optional stockinette sleeve. Grasp the brace and locate the top (valve at top) and place opening over the knee cap. Secure the compression straps to a desired fit. Attach tube with bulb to valve. To inflate, attach the tube with bulb to the valve. Move the switch to ON and pump the bulb to a desired compression, make sure not to over inflate. To deflate, press the button at the base of the bulb. When the desired compression is attained, switch to OFF position and remove tube with bulb from valve connection. It may also be deflated by removing the tube while in the ON position.
Important Notes: 1. You must place a towel/fabric in between the ice gel pack and your skin. 2. People with circulation problems should not use this product. 3. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before using this product. 4. Fits left or right knee, up to 24″. To make sure the wrap is the adequate size, while sitting, measure the circumference of your thigh approximately 5″ (or 13cm) above the center of your knee.

1 review for Cold Therapy Knee Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack by SimplyJnJ

  1. Judy

    Love this thing. Bought it directly off of SimplyJnJ. Fast delivery and it really helped with my knee pain. Highly recommend.

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