Cold Therapy Hip Support Ice Wrap

Cold Therapy Hip Support Ice Wrap

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Hip Compression Wrap for Hip Pain Treatment. This hip wrap holds two 6 inch x 10 inch cold therapy gel packs against the body for hip bursitis treatment and other conditions or injuries that cause discomfort in the hip region. One gel pack goes at the front of the hip while the other is situated at the back.

If desired, one can also use these removable gel packs one at a time.Anyone who has iced a body part before has likely experienced the unpleasantness of a wet ice pack. Thus a welcome feature of this hip ice pack wrap is its hydrophobic barrier for control of condensation. See more products for cold, heat and compression therapy.One need not worry about sizing or fit of this treatment for hip pain. The hip compression sleeve comes in a universal size. Another unique feature in this bursitis hip treatment is its straps are detachable, which allows for a better fit and improved compression. Also, the wrap treatment of hip pain works for either the right or left hip.Treatment for Hip Bursitis and Upper Leg Injuries.

Throughout the body one has bursae—small, fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions between bones and soft tissues to reduce friction. Certain conditions or actions, like putting repetitive stress on the hips, calcium deposits, spine disease or differing leg lengths can irritate the bursae and cause them to become inflamed. This is known as bursitis.There are two major bursae in the hip vicinity that are prone to bursitis—one at the bony part of the hip bone called the greater trochanter and the other on the inside of the hip, causing pain in the groin area.

If groin pain is from another source, one should take a look at the Cramer Hip & Groin Spica Wrap.Activity adjustment, the use of assistive devices like crutches, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory pain relievers or an injection can all help the painful inflammation a subside. Icing the sore hip can also help control inflammation.


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