ChiroDoc Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy - Reusable Gel Pack for Injuries

ChiroDoc Pain Relief Ice Pack with Strap for Hot & Cold Therapy

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You Are Suffering From Pain. You Can’t Stand It Anymore. What Are You Going To Do?

OK, we know. You’ll go to the doctor. You’ll take pills. But how about a solution that demands just a simple move in order to release your pain?

That’s where ChiroDoc comes in. It’ll provide you with a top-notch product that will release your pain without you spending money or time.

We’re pretty sure you know about ice packs. What you don’t know is that those pads can be used both cold and hot. Because we believe that each one of you is dealing with different conditions and has special needs.


Why Is This Hot & Cold Ice Pack Favored By Most Doctors & Physicians?

Thanks to adjustable Velcro strap this ice pack can be used everywhere and by everyone. Literally everyone.

So if you are struggling with knee, shoulder, arms, legs, waist or ankles pain and you are looking for a smart and easy way to let your pain go, then all you have to do is to purchase this reusable therapy pack now.

A must-have for every family. Don’t make your lives more difficult even though they are not. Just a few minutes are enough in order to say goodbye to pain.


The Best Hot n’ Cold Pack You’ll Ever Have

We’re pretty sure that you’re going to fall in love with our product. Use it properly for better results:

  • cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following the injury, so store the gel pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours
  • hot therapy should not be used until 48 hours after the injury. Immerse pack in the hot water for approximately 10 minutes for best results.
  • heat at full power for 30 seconds, if you use a microwave oven.


Stop Filling Your Life With Pain And Let Your Burdens Go. Purchase Your Hot & Cold Pack Today!

SAY GOODBYE TO STIFFNESS & PAIN: If you are suffering from a chronic pain or you are dealing with back, knee, ankles or shoulder pain then we have something that will change your reality. Return home after work and feel instantly relieved by putting this ice pack to your trigger points- it will feel like you’re in paradise! Perfect for athletes who may face unexpected injuries during their training sessions.
USE IT IN THE WAY YOU LIKE: No, you are not dreaming- forget about conventional ice packs that can be used only when they’re cold. Our versatile therapy pack can be used in both ways: hot and cold! Apply this compress to your body in the way you consider most appropriate; froze it or heat it without extra effort and hassle!
TREATS YOUR BODY PARTS LIKE ROYALTY: Say goodbye to cheaply crafted ice packs that may contain chemical substances that can harm you. Our product, exclusively designed by certified risk-free materials and leak-proof plastic, guarantees to offer you an exceptional pain-relieving experience. Don’t miss the chance of getting an ice pack that’s favored by most doctors and physicians.
ADJUSTS TO YOUR BODY PARTS: It’s a fact – thanks to the adjustable Velcro closure, as well as the large design (14”x6”) this pad can be placed on every body part without effort. No matter if you’re dealing with knee, arms, shoulder, waist, legs or ankles pain, this hot n’ cold compress will serve you no matter what. “Wear” your ice pack and feel instantly relieved while talking on the phone at the same time! A must-have for the whole family!
RELEASES YOUR PAIN WITHIN MINUTES: If you like fast results, then we guarantee that this product is going to be one of your favorites. Place it on your body (hot or cold) and let yourself enjoy the feeling of the getting-away pain. Change your reality with just one move, and see your life improving from day to day.


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