Adjustable Tennis Elbow Brace Compression Strap with Heat and Cold

Clinically Fit Adjustable Tennis Elbow Brace Compression Strap with Interchangeable Heat, Cold, and Acupressure Packs for Tendonitis

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Clinically Fit is a manufacturer of sports therapy equipment that can help provide immediate relief for nagging sports injury. Based in the USA, we manufacture products that treat a common injury among many athletes known as epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis or tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a painful condition affecting millions every year resulting from inflammation at the origin point of the inside/outside of the elbow tendon usually due to micro tears over time from repetitive activities and a lack of adequate blood supply as tendons unlike muscles do not have receive good blood flow.

Traditional treatments such as cortisone shots or compression bands only provide temporary relief. The Clinically Fit EZElbowPro system drives maximum bloodflow to the effected elbow tendon and is designed to provide long-term relief and healing. Our system combines heat treatment, ice treatment, acupressure treatment and corrective muscle exercises to get you back to your best. We include the four essential components of injury healing into one system. Our reusable ice and heat packs for tennis elbow can provide relief after workouts, while acupressure and corrective muscles provide valuable physically therapy training your muscles to heal properly.

The full elbow compression strap package includes:

  • EZELBOW Compression Strap
  • 1 – Reusable Instant Heat Pack
  • 2 – Reusable Instant Cold Packs
  • 1 – Acupressure Spikeplate

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  • Easy to Use Arm Band; Smart Tab lets you slide the strap on and off without worrying it will come apart; Once in place, tighten the strap to your desired level of compression
  • Heat Therapy Pack Soothes Sore muscles, tendons, and joints; Click the Button inside 2-3 times to Active for On-The-Go Relief
  • Cold Therapy Pack and Acupressure Spikeplate Relive Pain and Stiffness; Freeze the Cold Pack for a minimum of 1 hour prior to use
  • Dual Compression System; Fastening Strap and Therapy Pack Strap work together to create the most effective, targeted compression
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation System; Each Order Includes 1 EZ Elbow Compression Strap, 1 Acupressure 8-Point Spike Plate, 1 Hot Gel Pack, and 2 Cold Gel Packs


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