ActiveWrap BAWE16 Elbow Ice/Heat Wrap

ActiveWrap BAWE16 Elbow Ice/Heat Wrap

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Overuse of arm, forearm, and hand muscles can result in conditions like tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow which are challenging to rehabilitate. You may require a very fast treatment option for acute pain and swelling. Even after mobility is restored, treatment continues. The ActiveWrap BAWE16 Elbow Ice/Heat Wrap is built with patented active medical plush material that traps heat and ice for focused compression on the elbow injury or pain. Two specially designed therapy packs that resist displacement come with the wrap. The inner core of the packs stays in place, providing maximum icing and heating therapy to elbow injuries such as osteochondritis dissecans, elbow bursitis, fracture, golfer’s elbow, and repetitive motion disorders.
By Using the ActiveWrap Elbow Ice/Heat Wrap (BAWE16), You Can Enjoy the Following Key Benefits – A comfortable fit for the elbow providing cold and heat relief to your elbow pain. – Fully adjustable ice/heat pouches that can be rotated or placed anywhere in the wrap for preferred ice/heat therapy. – Recommended by orthopedic surgeons, top coaches and athletes in treating biceps tendon rupture, elbow tendonitis, gout, as well as elbow surgery recovery. – Easy to use, washable, and durable wrap. – Includes two heat/ ice packs that can be assembled in any configuration inside your wrap. Additional packs (BAWP005 or BAWP006) available for purchase. – Small/medium (BAWE16) fits adult 10-16″ elbow. Large/Xlarge (BAWE15) fits over 16″ elbow.
PICK THE CORRECT SIZE – For sizing, measure the circumference of the arm 3 inches above the midline of the elbow. Size SM / MD for arms 10 to 16 inches in circumference, and Size LG / XL for arms over 16 inches in circumference. veWrap BAWE16 Ice/Heat Elbow Wrap comes with two specially formulated ice/heat packs that can be assembled and secured inside the wrap. The packs remain soft and flexible with cold maximizing comfort.
REMOVABLE PACKS – 2 nylon sleeve pouches inside of the heat & ice wrap allow for the removal or placement of gel packs to be easy. Each ActiveWrap hot & cold compression elbow wrap comes with one set of removable gel packs, which also allows for customizable hot & cold treatment. Additional packs may be purchased (AWBAWP005, 4.5″x6.5″).
SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR ELBOW – The ActiveWrap heat & ice elbow brace can be put on simply by placing injured arm in wrap and then fasten and adjust velcro straps to your preferred fit while applying even amounts of pressure over your elbow. Patented design built by physical therapy professionals. Built with comfort and precise functionality. The ActiveWrap hot / cold elbow wrap provides therapy and support for elbow injuries.
BENEFITS – Apply heat or ice to injuries with ActiveWrap elbow to help prevent further joint & muscle inflammation or injury. Increases recovery time for elbow injuries. ActiveWrap heat & ice therapy elbow compression wrap is excellent for individuals who have been suffering from sprained elbow, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and more. Also great for those who are involved in baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, golf, etc.
GUARANTEE – Formulated and tested by physical therapy professionals. All ActiveWrap products come with a one-year guaranteed warranty. Hassle free. ActiveWrap also guarantees comfort and quality to all its consumers. FDA registered, and approved medical-grade product. No Leaks and no mess. Consistent hot & cold therapy with no areas being left untreated.

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