6 X 20 Reusable Gel Ice Pack, Microwavable Hot Pack

6 X 20 Reusable Gel Ice Pack, Microwavable Hot Pack


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Let pain and stress melt away with the soft hot or cold gel therapy wrap. The 6 x 20 inch long, reusable hot cold pack is incredibly versatile and contours comfortably to neck, shoulder, back, arm or leg. The large ice pack stays soft and pliable when frozen and double as hot pack when heated. The visible gel filling and tight plastic seal ensures a worry-free and leak-free experience. Each IceWraps pack includes just enough gel to maximize coverage and flexibility. Our gel packs are non-toxic and more durable than other stand alone reusable hot cold pack brands. Make sure to add IceWraps’ soft ice gel pack as a part of your wellness routine.

IceWraps’ Reusable Gel Hot Cold Pack is perfect for:

– Cold compress for joint and muscle pain relief, cooling neck wrap, shoulder wrap, back, hip, thigh, or knee.

– Cooling wrap, cooler safe, keep food and medication chilled, and more.

– Heating pad / Hot pack to relieve tension, knots, joint pain, stiffness, muscle cramps, or bruises.

– Place in freezer for ice pack. Gel stays flexible when frozen.

– Place in microwave for 30 seconds at a time for hot pack.

– Hot or cold therapeutic treatment up to 20 minutes. Gel pack will stay cold up to 1 hour.

Features of the 6 x 20 Reusable Gel Hot Cold Pack are:

– Product size: 6in x 20in (15.2cm x 50.8cm) and weighs 1.5 lbs (680g)

– Gel is 97% Canadian spring water. Case is made from high density 3mil plastic.

– Encased logo insert will not come off on skin, it “floats” in the gel pack.

IceWraps’ reusable gel pack will last for years, but you should not overheat in microwave or leave in direct sunlight as this will shorten its effectiveness. External use only. We take pride in our outstanding customer service. Please get in touch with us for any inquiries or concerns.

SAFE AND DURABLE – All our gel packs are non-toxic and FDA registered, ensuring top quality materials and high safety standards. Gel filling is 97% spring water and case is made from high density 3mil plastic. No ink is printed on the outside of our gel packs.

CONVENIENT – Store in refrigerator or freezer and use as a flexible gel ice pack anytime. Hot packs microwavable as a heating pad. Retain heat to warm up muscles and joints, soothe way aches and pain.

NATURAL QUICK RELIEF – Using hot cold therapy on muscle and joints is a non-invasive and non-addictive form of pain relief. To prevent injuries, best to warm up muscles before exercise and ice after vigorous activities.

MULTI-PURPOSE – Extra long ice pack wrap perfect for a beverage cooler, chill medications, cooling pad, shoulder ice wrap, knee ice wrap, as well as a neck hot therapy wrap, abdomen, hip, thigh or back heating pad.

VERSATILE AND ESSENTIAL – A must-have gel ice packs for first aid, essential for home or clinical use. And GUARANTEED TO LAST!

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