How The Active Ice Therapy System Can Help

Active Ice Therapy System

Nowadays, there are many ways to help heal the aches and pains that plague your body on a daily basis. Whether you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, knee pain or something else, one of the most common (but under-utilized) methods to relieving the pain is ice therapy. One amazing product that was recently developed is the Active Ice Therapy System. This product is meant for people who are recovering from surgery and want drug free pain relief. It is a cold therapy system that you can use on your whole body. With its universal bladder, you get give any part of body targeted cooling therapy. What’s more, you just refill it over and over with ice and water. Using an adjustable flow rate, you don’t have to worry about all that ice water hitting you at once; you can control the temperature and enjoy regular, steady cooling.
While it is originally designed to help deal with post-surgical pain, that does not mean that you are limited to using it after you’ve undergone surgery. You can use this product to help you combat regular inflammation from fitness activities, sports injuries, or genetic issues that cause regular swelling in the joints.



Active Ice Therapy System – Features

This system was designed specifically for occasions where serious pain relief is needed. With a nine quart cooler, you get an easy carrying handle so that you can move it around with you as you move around. There are five feet of insulated cool water lines so that you can plug it in and control the coolness while the cooler itself is rested near you, or at your side. The company does state, however, that this type of therapy is not suited for people who have compromised local circulation, who are hypersensitive to cold, or people who have Raynaud’s, vasospastic disease, or diabetes.


Active Ice Therapy System – Pros & Cons

Like any product on the market these days, there are positive features and there are things that can always be improved. Here’s our take on this product:

  • There are high flow, dry, disconnected couplings which give you the freedom of movement while wearing it.
  • The cooler lid on this unit is hinged and you can snap it in place to keep it properly sealed. This means no more dealing with a wet, dripping mess once your ice has melted.
  • Most recommendations for icing state that you should have it on for no more than thirty minutes at a time. That said, this unit is designed to do this automatically. There is a timer function which gives you thirty minute sessions of cooling before you have to reset the system. This safety feature means you don’t have to monitor time while you relax.


  • It has a low hum to it when you use it, similar to something you would hear with a fish tank. For some people, it might make it difficult to wear/use while sleeping or in a quiet space.
  • There is no compression band with it, it is just cold. So if you want additional compression for something like a knee or elbow, you have to buy them separately.



    As with any type of therapy or medication, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before you use this. For those of you who have already undergone surgery, you may want to check with your doctor to see what they think about integrating it into your recovery process. If you have already used this product, we would love to get your feedback on it, whether good or bad. Just use the comment form below. Also, if you are interested in other cold/hot therapy products, check out our Shop before you go. Until next time.

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